Septic and Grease Trap Services in Morris County, NJ

  • Problems with your septic tank or grease trap can be messy. Thankfully, the professionals at AAA All Drains Septic Cleaning Co. are ready to tackle the job of maintaining them. We’ll help you avoid costly problems and keep the mess to a minimum, so you can continue to rely on these conveniences each and every day. We’re the go-to experts for everything from grease trap pumping to septic tank repair in Morris County, NJ! Some of our chief services include:
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  • Septic tank pumping: Your septic tank needs to be pumped routinely to prevent backflow and effluent buildup. We pump accordingly, to ensure the proper levels are kept at all times. We also have different truck sizes to ensure quick and easy access to your tank’s pumping point. Please note, you’ll need to expose your septic tank lid, or we do it for an extra charge.
  • Septic tank cleaning: Over time, scum and effluent can build up within your septic tank, causing an imbalance that’s volatile and dangerous. We offer septic system cleaning in Morris County, NJ to prevent these buildups from becoming true problems.
  • Septic tank repair: If your septic tank has suffered might damage, we may be able to help. Our experts offer a range of light septic system repair in Morris County, NJ to help keep things working smoothly, to extend the life and function of your tank. We can also offer septic hydro jetting in Morris County, NJ to clear out any troublesome root growth or calcification.
  • Grease trap pumping: Like septic tanks, grease traps need to be pumped to prevent back flow. We’re equipped to pump grease traps for a variety of facilities, including restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals, schools, cafeterias and legion halls, to name a few.
  • Grease trap cleaning: Grease buildups are precursors to major problems. We make sure these costly problems are avoided by way of routine grease trap cleaning in Morris County, NJ. Cleaning time depends on the size and regularity of maintenance, but rest assured there’s no job too big or too small for us to tackle.
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  • With prompt, courteous professionals and a depth of experience that goes back decades, you’ll never need to call anyone else for your septic system or grease trap needs! Contact us today to schedule an appointment for service by calling 973-296-0004.